Save Money and Buy Bulk Kraft Paper in Australia – Find Quality Wholesale Brown Gift Wrapping at Australian Allwrap

Refurbished paper is becoming popular as wrapping if it hasn’t always been. It has a unique charm and makes a gift feel authentic and personal. Finding paper such as this to wrap and conceal your gifts properly may not be easy if you don’t have quality crafting supplies. Newspapers seem to be another alternative, but they’re not thick enough to ensure they won’t fall apart with the slightest mishandling. Plus, they can get messy with their transferable ink.

Don’t be disappointed. Buy bulk Kraft paper in Australia from an online store that delivers quality at affordable prices, such as Australian Allwrap.

We’ve been in business since 1985 where we started as wholesale suppliers of bulk brown wrapping paper, gift wrap and accessories to chemists, jewellers and department stores in the area. In 2012, we expanded our services, offering our products to individual customers online.

Along with providing our customers with top quality wrapping paper and accessories is service that’s in line with that. We pride ourselves on fast delivery and turnaround times, so if you’re making a last minute purchase for your son’s end of the season sports game, don’t panic. You’re sure to get your order in no time.

How Our Wholesale Brown Wrapping Paper Can Serve Many Purposes

Don’t think our kraft paper at wholesale prices is limited to packaging. It can serve many purposes, so this is one product that’s ideal to get in bulk. One use can be as a table covering for messy art and craft projects, especially when painting. Our wholesale brown wrapping paper is 80 gsm in weight, which is stronger than the typical craft and gift-wrapping paper you find at your local shop. This allows you to handle the paper, from cutting to applying easily. With this paper, you’ll have no concerns about accidental tears or rips.

Other uses can be for small crafts, such as accents for greeting cards, book covers and floral arrangement packaging. One product we recommend is our Kraft/Stripes Christmas 3 x 10m Combo Pack. This Kraft paper comes in a candy red and white stripe, a grey and white stripe, and a classic solid brown colour. Rustic and nostalgic, this collection of Kraft paper is durable and perfect for Christmas packaging as they are for every occasion throughout the year.

Our Trimmings Put Everything Together and Saves You Time

To make your gifts something that will be talked about for a while, don’t forget to add some finishing touches with our range of accessories that complement every style of wrapping and Kraft paper available with us. We provide an impressive variety of ribbons in an endless array of colours, such as poly tear, poly raffia, curling, metallic curling and organza. Other accessories are organza bags, star bows, tissue paper, cellophane and more.

We continue to expand on our products, so you’ll see even more amazing offerings in the future. Contact us today to create the perfect bundle that’s authentic and your own. Make your recipients feel special with a wrapped gift that’s warm and rustic thanks to our premium quality Kraft paper.